• July 27, 2022

Mr.ChiChi Autobiography

I am Mr.Chichi a German-based Nigerian-born pop independent artist . I started music with a cover band called Sahara All-Stars Band in Kaduna town of Nigeria in which I was the youngest
singer in the band in the late 80s . Later I joined the band of a Nigerian Afrobeat star Femi Anikulapo Kuti, the son of late Fela Kuti where I as a singer and drummer made several
European tours from Africa. Alongside were stars like Miriam Makeba, Jimmy Cliff, Lucky Dube, Johnny Cleg, Manu Debango, and many other prominent international stars.
I finally set up a Reggae band in the mid-90s in Germany which involved music artists of different races and it was a great time of my life. Unfortunately we never had a breakthrough in
Music industry untill the desolution of the band.
Due to my strong love for music I continued and started writing songs and producing my songs independently and got more encouragements from friends and fans who continuosely told me I
made good music and that I should continue because the right time for success would definitely come. Yeah I believe it's gonna happen by God's grace.
I recently released a single called Tralala on 7th of April 2023 but due to some problem from the promotion company , it was put on halt unfortunaley. I seriuosely apologize to my fans for the
disappointment. Meanwhile I recorded a groove song called She Said Hi to be released on the 23rd June 2023. Please support me on that release.
I have a song, Firewood in which I featured a famous Nigerian Afrobeat star called Harrysong Okiri, yet to be released. The single and it's Video would be released shortly after the release of
the latest single called She said hi. More Songs and videos are ready for release afterwards. I look forward to widening my musical wings around the globe… I gat some talent and I'm hard-
working . Feel good and enjoy my songs and thank you so much for your supports , Stay blessed.